Lapporten in midnight sun
A personal description of the area around Abisko
Last update August 2001

I have not visited Abisko for many years, my information may not be uptodate! But the nature do not change very much with time, excursions and tours should still be valid. In my pages is Abisko not only the national park, but also other places one can reach by foot or visit by other means. The area suits most tastes, from those that prefer a good dinner and a shower after a day, those walking between simple huts, or those that prefer tent. One can reach Abisko both by car and train, in Kiruna is an airport.
Abisko Brief description about the area
Kärkevagge and
Strange stones and a mysterious lake
A tourist station at high altitude
Tornehamn The navvy grave yard
Njulla Enjoy the midnight sun
Ridonjira Study flowers and find the origin of a brook
The canyon Impressed of the power of water
Ofotenbanan The railway Luleå-Kiruna-Narvik

Tours 1986-1987 only pictures for the moment 
1986 Björkliden - Låktatjåkka-Kårsavagge-Abisko
1987 Abisko - Nissunvagge - Bessesvagge -Kungsleden - Vistasvagge -
Kaskasvagge - Tjeuralako - Tarfala - Nikkaluokta
1988 Abisko - Lapporten - Bessesvagge - Kungsleden - Abisko
1989 Kopparåsen - Pärmet (towards Vadvetjåkka) - Kopparåsen