We wake up at seven thirty in the morning, when looking through the window can we see that it is sunshine outside. This is the first day here, and we have had a good sleep in the self service part, Keron, of Abisko tourist station. We have to buy supplies, and from a previous visit do we know that there is a good shop in Abisko Östra. It is only four kilometers away , and since we are here to walk do we walk there, along the road is a gravel path for bicycles and pedestrians. The sun shine on us, and we have ordered good weather for today, since the plan for the evening is to take the chair lift up to Njulla, and experience the last day of  the midnight sun from the top of the mountain. A few years ago did  we walk up on Njulla from Björkliden, i.e. from the west,  but then it was cloudy and rain, and no sun wanted to shine on us. The walk down back to Björkliden was rather steep, this year we are lazy and we will take the chair lift up and down again.

It is a warm day, and when we arrive at Abisko Östra are we thirsty. We have something to drink and eat at cafe Rallaren.  We sit down beside a man and woman, around 60 years old. They have been walking on Kungsleden from Nikkaluokta, and they have had fog, clouds, and rain all the time, and this is their first day with sunshine. I tell them that we have ordered this nice weather, and we make the comment that we must have better contact with God than they have. To our surprise do the woman laugh loudly. Was it that funny? She explains that the man is a priest, and should have better contact with him up therer than a physicist like me. No hard feelings. He is anyway happy with his pictures, of which he will make a slide show for the parishioner. We do our shopping: bacon, liver paste, and reindeer salami. We walk back to the tourist station, it is to early to have dinner, we spend a few hours just sitting at the Abiskojåkkå.  Looking at the water passing by, at our place is it several meters beneath us, and admiring the flowers around us. We are here earlier in the summer then we have been before, and there is more water in the jåkk. In the delta are the small islands not visible.

The good weather continue, and when we at 22.00 take the chair lift the 500 meters up to Njulla is it almost no clouds on the sky. We happily arrive at the end station, from where it is further 200 meters up to the peak. We stroll up and wait for midnight. The red light is spreading on  Nissunvagge, Lapporten and Torne Träsk. Fascinating and beautiful, we have no words for it. Finally is it time to go back to the lift, we do it reluctantly. On the way do my companion stumble on a stone and fall. The result is an injured knee, we hope that it will not prevent us from doing what we have planned. The knee hurts, and we comfort ourselves with coffee in the chair lift station. When we goto bed at one, is the sun already starting a new dy.

The Cafe at Abisko Östra