All amounts are per person, in the case of food per person/day/meal.

Camping Amount Bring Have Buy
Packed Comment
Tent 1

If walking with tent 
Rucksack 1

Rain protection for the rucksack 1

Sleeping bag 1

Down to -10 degress (if sleeping in tent)
Something soft/warm to sleep on 1

Thermarest (If sleeping in tent)
Travelling sheets 1

Instead of sleeping bag if walking between huts
Small rucksack 1

Day tour
Spices Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Salt 20g/week

Black pepper 20g/week

White pepper 20g/week

Onion ½ per meal

With tuna fish
Garlic ½ clove per meal

With mussel
Cooking oil 20ml/week

To fry in
Soya sauce 20ml/week

With rice/macaroni
Mustard 50g/meal

With ham
Tomato paste 

With macaroni
Breakfast Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Müsli 60g/day

With milk
Powder milk 2.5 dl/day

With müsli or to drink
Gruel 3 dl/day

Alternative to müsli and milk
Bread 3 slices/day

Dark rye bred
Lunch Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Blueberry soup 2½ dl/day

Soupes are made in the morning
Rosehip soup 2½ dl/day

and put on Thermos
Fruit soup dl/dag

Crisp bread 3 slices/dag

Dinner Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Tuna fish in oil 1 tin/2 pers

Fry with onion
Mussel 1 tin/2 pers

Fry with garlic
Smoked meat 100g/pers

Buy at place, if possible 
Smoked fish 1

Buy at place, if possible
Mackerel in tomato sacue 125g/pers

Canned ham

Soya beef mix

Fry with onion
Corned beef 150g/pers

Pea soup

With punsch
Macaroni 1½ port/meal

With tuna fish/mackerel
Mashed turnips 1½ port/meal

With ham
Potato puree 1½ port/meal

With smoked fish/meat
1½ port/meal

Drink Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Chocolate every second day

Soup every second day

Coffee 1 cup/day

Tea 1 cup/day

Punsch Small platsic bottle

With peasoup
Cognac Hip flask

Cooking Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Kitchen 1

Trangia (Huts have gas stove)
Fuel (methylated spirit) 1l / week

May not be brought on airplanes
Fuelbottle 1

Dishcloth 1

Whisk 1

Lighter+matches 1+2 boxes

Tin-opener 1

Snacks Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Biscuits 5/day

Cheese, soft 60g/day

Tube, for lunch
Smoked sausage 40g/day

On  sandwich
Dried fruit 25g/day

Dried raisins 10g/day

Hazelnuts 10g/day

Chocolate 80g/day

Sweets 80g/day

Caviar 40g/day

Cheese, hard 25 g/day

Tools/repair material Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
knife, scissor, tin-opener 1

e.g. Swiss army knife
Steelwire 2dm

String 1m

Needle 2 sizes

Sewing-thread 1 reel

Rubber band 2

Coated tape

Rubber+glue 2

To the boots
Thermarest repair kit

Medical Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
First aid bandage 1

Something agains sore 1 reel

e.g. Leukoplast
Plaster 50 cm

Antipyretic 10

Elastic bandage 1

Gauze bandage 1

Instant bandage

Tape for wounds
1 reel

Small first aid bandage 1

Support bandage

For knee/foot
Clinical thermometer 1

Lipsalve 1

Cotton 40g

Sterile compresses 5

Hygiene Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Toiletpaper 1/2 reel 8 days

Soap 150ml

Schampoo 60ml

Towel 2

Toothbrush 1

Toothpaste small

Comb 1

Skin cream 100ml

Safety razor 1

Camera Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Camera 1(2?)

Zoom 1

Tele 1

Wideangle 1

Macro 1

Film 36 pictures/day

Extra batteries 1 extra

Miscellaneous Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Spoon/fork/knife 1

to eat with, I use spoon only 
Plate 1

something to eat on
Waterbottle 1

Thermos 1

Map 1

Compass 1

Whistle 1

useful to keep contact in fog
Flashlight 1+batteries

if not midnight sun
Small spade 1

Ball pen 1

Notebook 1

Address list 1

send postcards
Flora 1

looking for flowers
Book 1

rainy days
Money  after need

Tickets all

Walking stick 1

Binoculars 1

Mosquito repellent 1


Dirtywashing bag

Vitamin pills 1/day

Washing detergent 4

If away long time
Clothes/shoes Amount Bring Have Buy Packed Comment
Trousers 1

Not jeans!
Windproof jacket

Belt 1

Hat 1

Against wind and sun
Shorts 1

Can be hot
Rainsuit 1

A good one
Sou-wester 1

Shirt 1 for 3 days

T-shirts 1 for 3 days

Travelling shirt 1

Underpants 1 for 3 days

Travelling underpants 1

Long underpants 1

can be cold
Shoes 1 pair

Boots/Walking shoes 1 pair

prefer boots when it is wet 
Socks 1 for 4 days

Thick oversocks 1 for 4 days

Travelling socks 1 pair

Undershirt/trousers 1

can be cold/sleep in during cold nights
Varm sweater 1

can be cold 
Cap 1

can be cold 
Gloves 1

can be cold 
Scarf 1

can be cold