Grövelsjön 2014

My last real mountain hike was in 2007, then in Sarek. Since then, the lack of time, other activities and physical problems prevented a mountain hike. 2014 mountain hike was meant to be an easy hike to regain feeling of hiking in the mountains:
Grövelsjön - Rønsjøn - Hävlingen - Slagusjön - Slagufjället - Hävlingen - Övre Fosksjön - Grövelsjön.

On the way home a visit at Njupeskär, the highest waterfall in Sweden, in Fulufjällen national parc.

Going there - the mountains at Grövelsjön in nortwest Dalarna is the southern mountains in Sweden. Suitable for a mountain hike. One advantage is that you can in a day to drive there from Scania. A long day but possible to do.
Grövelsjön - Rønsjøn - bridge over the river Grövelån. A broad path in the valley between Salfjället and Sjøhøgda. Down to Sylen with a nice view of Grövelsjön. Stony track to lake Rønsjøn.
Rønsjøn - Hävlingen - Back to Sylen. Up through birch forest on the good path. Coming above tree level and to a plateaus. There is a flat landscape. In the north is Grötvallsjön. The hills around are 1000-1350 meters, the plateau is 900 meters.
Hävlingen - Slagusjön - Stony before Hävlingen. On the bridge at the isthmus. Then beautiful pine forest. Long boardwalk above the tree line. Tents at Slagusjön next to a shelter.
Slagufjället - Walk on the moor north along Slagusjön. Easy hiking without major climb to the top of Slagufjället. It offers a nice view of the lake district below.
Slagusjön - Hävlingen - Goes the same way back to Hävlingen. Trail through the beautiful pine forest. The path of the rockery on the isthmus between lakes feels easier. At the crossroads with several paths we camp for the night in a birch grove.
Hävlingen - Övre Fosksjön - Wake up to a cloudy morning. Hike to the Upper Fosksjön at the mountain Storvätteshågna. The path carries slightly upward on a very stony slope. It is a flat landscape. Approaching Fosksjön on the well worn path. We camp next to the lake.
Övre Fosksjön - Cloudy and rainy day. Storvätteshågna does not look inviting. Will not be any walk up there. A slightly sad day, gray, overcast, rainy.
Övre Fosksjön - Grövelsjön - Last trekking day. We leave to Grövelsjön. Easy hiking in the open flat landscape. Drive to Njupeskär in Fulufjället, Sweden's highest waterfall.
Going home - stay overnight in Mora. The day start with moose meeting in fog. Nostalgic about the special, which is served in Pausgrillen. No mishaps on the way.
Njupeskär - in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarna, Sweden highest waterfall with a free fall of 70 meters. The total drop is 93 meters. A boardwalk hiking trail goes up to the waterfall.