Grövelsjön 2014: Njupeskär
in Fulufjället National Park in Dalarna, Sweden highest waterfall with a free fall of 70 meters. The total drop is 93 meters. A boardwalk hiking trail goes up to the waterfall.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014: Njupeskär
Njupeskär in Fulufjället national park just west of Särna. There is Sweden's highest waterfall. Shortly west of Särna is the road to Mörkret and Njupeskär. Clear route instructions. At Njupeskär is a large car park. Still season, there are a lot of cars. There is a visitor center and a cafe.

A path of a few kilometers walk to the waterfall. Boardwalks at wetlands. The path goes through beautiful forest, over the river Njupeån, before heading slightly upwards. Pauses at a rest cabin with camp. In the distance is a rock wall with a waterfall.

Continuing on the path to the waterfall. Last part boardwalks over the river and the block land. The waterfall can be viewed from a platform. The water falls almost a hundred meters. Water droplets makes it dizzy. Moist, like drizzle and chilly. The water roar.

The trail leads back through old pine forest. Studying nature and the different rock types in the visitor centre. The café is enjoyed with waffle and coffee. Get two waffles with cream and cloudberry jam at a reasonable price.

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