A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 16 July, Ritsem - Raivojåkkå, 20 km
We start early in the morning, after having spent the night at Ritsem youth hostel. We follow the gravelled road towards Sitasjaure north of Ritsem. There is a track to Sitasjaure, but we miss it. We do not care to return, it is faster to walk on the road, though more boring. The sun rise on the sky, the day get warm. Shorts is a must. The road is through a nice mountain birch forest, to the east is the brook Ritjemjåkk finding its way down to Akkajaure. Akka itself is seen above the trees. Within short do we get up to the bare mountain region, passing  a number of small lakes. In one of them is a large piece of ice navigating, looks like an aircraft carrier. At the highest point, after the lake Ritjemjauratjah, do leave the road and take east up the slope towards Jårmejaure, a height difference of 600 meters. The western end of Kallaktjåkkå mountain area. This was once planned to be a downhill skiing resort, the plans were never realised. The weather and view are nice, the slope is gentle, covered with grass and dwarf birch. Minor areas with osier at the lake. We pass a large area with buttercops, beautiful! In the northwest is the lake Autajaure seen.

Further up do we encounter large snow fields, it would be possible to ski today. Jårmejaure is still frozen, the lake is at 1100m. But it is difficult to say where the lake is. Snow, ice and water mix. We keep south of the lake, at least do we think so. Might be that we walk straight trough it, it is not very large and there is water running away everywhere. It murmur from all directions. Ahead of us is the hill Raivotjåkkå(1405) seen. From here is the mountains of Sarek seen for the first time. To the left do we have Kallaktjåkkå(1810). We walk as much as possible on the snow, simpler than on the stony ground. At the highest point have the sun got access, there is no snow. Among the stones have the white flower "Isranunkeln" found a warm place to live at. We keep north of the small lake between Raivotjåkkå and Kallaktjåkkå, in order to avoid the brook from the lake, Raivojåkkå. This lake has as well not yet given up the ice. In a valley below the peak of Kallaktjåkkå is a small glacier,  which we have a look at. A quick look , then it is time to find a good place for the tent. We walk along Raivojåkkå, we want to find place with no water and snow. The best place is where Raivojåkkå falls down towards Akkajaure. Here is it dry. The edge of the brook is covered with thick snow, except at one place, which becomes our beach. Our private restaurant has a fantastic view of Sarek, the mountains are red in the midnigt sun.
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