A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 14 August, Stuor-Tata - Kvikkjokk, 10 km

The night is full of sounds. The waves lap, birds land and start on the water, talking with each other. There is some quarrel on the opposite side of the lake. At half past ten are we again on the track. We leave the lake which is equally grey as the sky. To start with is it slight uphill through the virgin forest, though not as virgin as the earlier. Humans have used it for centures. We are surrounded of birches, pillar spruces, and a few pines. A lone tent is placed in the forest, there is nobody visible. Perhaps the danish couple from yesterday. It is not a perfect place to stay, there is no water around. After a few kilometers are we where the track to Pårek begin, at an open mire. Here one have a view of the mountains (Pårte) behind the trees.The mountains look distant and tempting. The track is now wide, since many make a day tour to here from Kvikkjokk. After the open mire do one pass a masterpiece of art, the roots of a tree is decorating the track. We say hello to two germans, as we learn later, dressed in mosquito nets. We can not resist to tell them that there are no mosquitos around This is true, there are zero, so the nets are useless. We take a break in an opening, around us are trees dressed in lichens, indicating clean air. A bird land in front of, a Lavskrika (Siberian Jay). A bird that like the company of humans. We give it some biscuits, which it fly away with and immediately return to get more. Probably does it store for the winter, we doubt that it will find it when the winter come. Anyway, it eat the last pieces. It happily pose for photos. The moqsuito men pass by, saying hallo, and now without the net. They must have realised that mosquitos are not out this day

From now it is downhill through a dense forest, partly rather steep. The last part is through a strip of trees that remain after that the forest was cut down ten years ago. The strip that was left, has become smaller because of the storm a few years later. It does not look nice, now have one at least removed the fallen trees from the track. The last part is on gravel road, passing a parking lot before the former fell station. It is placed with a view of the rapids in the river Kamajåkkå and the mountains at the horizon. Former, since it is now a youth hostel. It is one hour until it open at three thirty. This hour we spend at the rapids, where a woman sit on the rocks reading a book. We meet the two germans again, now they try get some fish in the river. When here was a fell station did it have a very good restaurant, which now is closed down. Perhaps it is a good idea to catch ones own dinner. We get our room, take a shower, and stroll around in the village. The shop was closed last year, but the church is still there. At the church we meet one of the germans again, he is policeman. In the early evening can one get food in the annex "Utkiken". We take pyttipanna, diced meat fried with onion and potatoes, and a rather bad wine.

Kungsleden before Kvikkjokk


Youth hostel