A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 31 July, Viejevagge N - Viejevagge S, 7 km

I wake up at four to the sound of raindrops falling on the tent. I have to go out, the drizzle is soft and refreshing on my bare skin. When we wake up again does it rain more intensively. We wait for better weather, we eat our breakfast, and then lunch. After lunch do the rain give up, and the sun rapidly clean the sky from clouds. At half past one can we leave in sunshine. We go up the slope where the water in the brook throw itself between the rocks in a canyon. The brook is interchangebly in a narrow dramatic canyon or is a broad peaceful river. Viejevagge turns out to be a beautiful valley which is easy to walk in. We are glad we waited for the nice weather, the valley is worth it. There is much to study, and we make many breaks. There are a few brooks from Kierkevare, some of these are mini canyons. They are not difficult to cross, there is not much water in them. At one such canyon do we end up in a narrow crevice, where we must lift the rucksacks and then climb up, there of course better places but we don want to walk back again. In the south is the mountain Jiegnaffo, we had some plans to walk up on it, but the late start today and the clouds on top of it, make us to decide to walk up on Vassjabakte at Njoatsosvagge instead. We will be there in a few days. In the north are the peaks of Kierkevare hidden behind the slope. We walk on grassy meadows with flowering Alpine bistorts and Bluebells. In front of us are black threatening clouds, telling us it is time to find a camping site. Where Viejejåhkå bend, at approximetely on 900m level, do we rise our tent. A faint thunder and a few rain drops fall. Within half a minut has heaven open up and water pour down on us. Before we manage get dressed in the rain suits are we wet. We crawl into our home, lightnings and thunders make us company. Our camping site is not the best possible, it is actually rather bad. The rain has created a brook where our tent is. My friend likes to build channels. In the light of the lightnings, else is it rather dark, is he out in the rain digging channels to redirect the water. A fruitless work, the water flood his channels. The only thing to do is to move the tent. We take it as it is and carry it to a safer place. The rain continues for two hours, in the meantime do we drink warm chocolate and eat sandwishes. When the intensity of the rain decrease do we get out. The jåhk is now fierce, and the previously clear water is now brown of mud. It is not drinkable. I would not like to ford it as it is now. We remove the channels. The sunset is remarkable, all of the sky in the west is a diffuse red light. Fascinating, I have never seen anything similar. The mobile phone has no connection.

Viejejåhkå canyon

Viejejåhkå and Jiegnaffo

Eastern part of Viejevagge