A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day10: 23 August, Ritsem - Home, km

As usual is the jurney home rather boring. The jurney from home is exciting, since one has all expections to look forward to. Now it is back home to the normal. There is a strong wind, and the morning boat to Änonjalme has to wait for the wind to lull. Our bus should depart 10.30, but it waits for the boat to return. In the meantime do I talk with Einstein outside the small shop, it is an intelligent dog. A few minutes late do the bus meet the boat in the harbour, but there are no passengers to pick up. There is a break of 20 minutes at Stora Sjöfallet, long enough for a coffee or to stretch one's leg. Despite the late departure and the roadwork are we in time to Gällivare, 14.00.

Though I had doubts that we should manage in the short time we have book a taxi, leave the luggage in the tourist information (25 SEK), eat lunch at the china restaurant, buy fruits in Domus, and have a talk with one of the hikers we met yesterday. We complain about that one can not buy tickets at the railway station by human service. He had problems in getting a ticket for the train south tonight. At three do we take our booked taxi to the airport. At the airport do one still get human service when checking in.

The lift off is at 16 as secheduled. The flight to Arlanda is comfortable, the plane is not full. At Arlanda do we again have to fetch the luggage and check it in again for Sturup, Malmö airport. We have plenty of time and try to get an earlier flight, "It will cost 1750SEK/person!", "No thank you". The check in machine spit out the tags and boarding card. I do not see how to manage the tags. My friend must help me with them, else I will destroy them in anger. Most people are sitting talking loudly in mobile telephones, or/and with a laptop in the knee. Do they work, surf on the web, or what? In former times one had time to think, reading, but now one always must be connected to somebody or something, reachable. In the new age things turn around faster. In the airplane do my neighbour spread with body and laptop. We land at the scheduled time.

At the parcing place outside the airport lie a lifeless man, he is already taken care off by the airport nursing staff. My friend drive me home, though it is a detour. When I put the key in the keyhole at eleven, is there a miaow from the cat flap. A happy cat welcome me when I open the door. During the night she wake me several times, "you are really at home".

Stora Sjöfallet

The cat