A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 22 August, Sjpietjavjåhkå - Ritsem, 12 km

We have set the alarm at seven, but we are already awake. We have to be at Änonjalme before 14.40 when the boat leave. We have a quick breakfast, a few sandwiches is enough, in order to leave early and have no rush. The black flies do something else, or they are lazy since the air is colder today. We walk on the path through the birch forest to the bridge over Sjnjuftjudisjåhkå. After the bridge is a short steep slope. It is varied birch forest, heaths, and marshes. I can not remember from previous years that I have seen so much water in the marshes as this year. We have several breaks to eat blueberries. We have a discussion about blueberries with a couple, they like the dark blue berries better than the light blue berries that one find here.

We meet two older gentlemen. They feel the age, they walk shorter and shorter distances for each year, and the weight of the rucksack get less. We have walked this part many times, but one is still fascinated by the streaming Vuojatädno. A man stain the long bridge over the river. The path to the Akkacabin has got planks, but is still partly lumpy. At the Akkacabin do we talk with a man who has walked Padjelantaleden from Staloluokta via Vaisaluokta. Just before one do we arrive at the café in Änonjalme.

We eat smoked fish, "glödkaka", cheese, and cloudberry preserve. Glödkaka is a thin bread, a direct translation in english is ember bread, meaning that it should be made over ember. The fish is delicious. The man from the Akkacabin and the two gentlemen we met earlier enter. The woman who runs the café tell us the black flies arrived with the rain 10th of August. Everybody complain about their existance. The boat approach, the woman inform us that it follows where the river was before the hydro power station created the lake. This is where the regulated lake is as deepest. It costs 130 SEK for members of the tourist federation. At Ritsem mountain station do we get a double room for 295 SEK per person. It is almost empty of people.

I sit in the kitchen writing my diary when a young man start to talk with me. He is from Netherlands and has walked alone in Sarek. He ask me if it is me who has a website about Sarek, and show me a printout of my diary of my walking tour of 1982. He used the diary as a guide for part of his walk. I get very flattered and honoured that he has read and used my diary. I do also get very surprised that he could recognise me. He has as everybody else a digital camera, soon it is only me who use an analogue thing. His pictures can be found here>>>

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