Day 1 - 7 : August 1984
I have no diary from this year, I have written down this from my memory. The photos are a selection of those in the photo album.

We took the night train to Enafors. In Enafors, west of the bridge over the river Anan, is a track to Ingolvskalet and Snasahögarna. Between Enan and the uphill  to Snasahögarna do the track first pass through a forest with spruce, and then over a large bog  (Brattåsmyren), and then trough a birch forest before one walk uphill along a brook. One pass a mighty water fall, Silverfallet. Up in the mountain pass is it stony, but easy to walk. When have have come down again on the south side ot Snasahögarna, have we had enough and stay for the night.

In front of us is Sylarna, and it gets bigger as we approach it. At Ulvåtjärnen do the track split, we follow the east track towards Endalshöjden. It is a flat landscape, the mountains look distant. The track meet the track from Blåhammaren. After a few kilometers from the joint, do we abandon the track and walk to the western bridge over Enan, where stay.

The next day is a short day. We follow Sylälven to the Sylarna shelter. Here was the first mountain station placed. We walk the track to the mountain station of today, where we use the bridge to cross Sylälven (without visitings the stationm) and continue up towards Slottsdalen, far enough to get away from the mountain station. Here our day end.

We walk a few kilometers before we cross Sylälven, and follow the track to Ekorrdörren (the Squirreldoor, strange name). In Ekorrdörren is it stony, but with a far reaching view. When leaving the door do we see the lake Nedalssjön in the south. We have cloudy days, and this one is not an exception. We stay somewhere south of Sylarna during the night.

We continue downhill, pass the border between Sweden and Norway. Near the lake Nesjöen, is the mountain station Nedalen. We ignore it, turn north to walk west of Sylarna. It is slightly uphill, the track pass many small marshes. We have hoped that one could walk up on Sylarna from the west, but the clouds are thick and hide the peaks. We give it up, and settle for the night.

We soon reach the bridge over Sylälvem at Sylarna mountain station. This time do we take track towards Storulvån mountain station. A boring walk on a track split into many. Telephone poles, to the mountain station, show that this is civilization, but there no wires. Looks ugly, can they not be removed? Night again.

Still a rather boring walk. The track pass an area with small lakes, and the up on the flat and small Lill-Ulvåfjället. We cross Lill-Ulvån, and we are not far from the bridge over Stor-Ulvån at the mountain station Storulvån. Here we have time to take  a shower before a bus takes us to Enafors. In Enafors do we have some time as well, we spend it looking at the fierce rapids in Enan. In Jämtlandia, a hostel nearby the trainstation is it closed. But the owner open it for us, and we get sandwiches.
Towards Snasahögarna