Day 1 : 17 August 1999, Storulvån - Tjallingen
A friend drive me to the railway station, where the X2000 train at 17.23 takes me to Stockholm. During the few days I'm away will another friend live in my appartment, and at the same time look after the cat. Or is it the opposite? From Stockholm the night train towards Storlien. The train stops in Enafors at 10.20, one hour late. A few days ago did I book a taxi to the mountain station in Storulvån. The same thing have many others done, two busses are waiting for all the "rucksack people" that leave the train. This will be a short tour for me, fortyeight hours. The weather forecast promise good weather, and my plan to walk up on Bunnerfjället seems possible. It takes the bus half an hour to drive the 17 km gravel road to Storulvån, where most of the passangers either stay or continue to Sylarna. I start with coffee and a cake at the mountain station. The weather is nice, warm and sunshine. I follow a track through a sparse birch forest to the bridge over the river Handölan. On the other side do one walk on a gravel road to the lapp summer village Tjallingen. The road pass through a rather dense birch forest, with the river Handölan in the west and the slope up to Bunnerfjället in the east. A young beautiful woman pass me, she is going to the Gåsen cabin. Along the road grow equally beautiful flowering heather. I spend some time getting a few pictures of it, when two pensioners pass me. They are going to the cafeteria in Tjallingen. Seems to be a good idea. Handölan and Getryggen
The road end in Tjallingen, to get to the cafeteria do one walk on a bridge over Handölan, and then it is 500 meters on the other side of Handölan. The pensioners are already there, eating waffle with cloudberry jam. I take the same, it is the only choise, it will be closed for the season within the next days. We chat for a while, and they do to my surprise almost correctly guess my profession. Is it that obvious? They complain, disappointed, that they have not seen any reindeers. The owner calls for a few seconds, and in comes a young reindeer. It walk around in the house as if it lived there. A horse do also get interested, especially in my rucksack that I left outside. He and the reindeer tries to eat it, I guess that they are interested in my sweets. I rescue it, put it back on my back, and say goodbye to the owner, reindeer, horse, and the old gentlemen. Tjallingklumpen
I walk back to where the road ends. From here is a track to the Gåsen hut, which I follow to the bridge over the river Tjallingån. I abondon the track, and follow the south river side to where the forest begin. There is a gentle slope down to the river. This is a good place to spend the night. I feel tired. Bunnerfjället looks down at me from the north, with a clear blue sky above it. I eat dinner and take an evening walk through the birch forest towards the small mountain Tjallingklumpen. In the forest grow juniper, and flowering heather. On the way back do I walk to where Tjallingån meet Handölan, where I sit and enjoy the sunset behind Lill-Ulvåfjället. Clouds appear on the sky, the sun paint them and the mountains yellow. It is already dark when I enter the tent. Tjallingån and Västra Bunnerstöten