Day 2 : 18 August 1999, Västra Bunnerskalet
When I look out from the tent next morning is it humid and cloudy. Bunnerfjället is hidden in the clouds. I hope that it will reappear during the day, so I decide anyway to try to walk up on the peak of Västra Bunnerstöten. I return to Tjallingen, from where there is a track through the birch forest to Västra Bunnerskalet, the valley between Laptentjakke and Bunnerfjället. The track start at the end of the gravel road, and it is clear and easy to follow. Where the forest give up, is an area with marshes, and the track dissolves. I can see the remnants of a small boulder ridge, where a small brook finds the way to Tjallingen. Nature has already started to paint itself in the automn colours. I continue further up in the valley, where a drizzle meet me and I take a break. Further up on the slope can I see something slowly moving towards me. As it come closer can I see that it is a horse, on it is the owner of the cafe in Tjallingen. He has fetched fishing nets at the Bunnerlake. I show my lack of knowledge by asking if the horse is an iceland horse. I have read that one can rent iceland horses in Tjallingen. No, it is a north swedish horse, more robust, he say with a smile. In Västra Bunnerskalet

My hope that the clouds will disappear fade away, as they descend further down. I can feel the drizzle in my face. At a small hill, not so far from the Bunnerlakes, do I stop. From here is a good view of the valley. In the north are the two identical Bunnerlakes, connected with a brook. In front of me is Bunnerfjället, descently dressed with clouds. I sit for a while and enjoy life in the peaceful and total silence. In this moment do I give up the peak tour, no fun to walk in clouds without any view. I turn around and walk up on the slope of Laptentjakke. One, two, .., five reindeers show me the way to the place on the south slope of Laptentjakke with much of flowering heather, and a nice view towards south. Sylarna should be visible, but I can only guess where they are. I sit down and look at everything, before slowly walking down to the track to Tjallingen, and to my tent. I find without problems the track back down. At two thirty am I back at the tent.

Västra Bunnerstöten
On the slope, beneath the tent, down to Tjallingån do I find a beautiful specimen of a flowering 'ormrot' ("snakeroot" or Alpine bistort ). I have several times, without success, tried to get a good picture of an 'ormrot'. I put up my equipment, and this time I think I succeeded. What looks like seeds (which it is not), are eatable and tastes as nuts. Good to know if one have nothing else to eat, but one needs a lot of them. Time to think about what to do next, time has passed by and the afternoon is being replaced with the evening. Tomorrow I have to return back home. The map say that from Getryggen ("Goatback") in Snasahögarna close to Storulvån, must be a good view of the surroundings. I decide that this will be my replacement for the missed peak of Bunnerfjället. I put my things together, when I suddenly feel something wet around my legs. Without a sound has a dog appeared, and is friendly greeting me. It is wet, it must have made a visit in the brook. Two women come riding on Iceland horses, now I'm sure it is Iceland horses. We say hello, they and the dog disappear towards Vålådalen. I walk back to the mountain station in Storulvån. At the bridge over Tjallingån are two girls filling up their water bottles, their dog lick my hand. At Storulvån do I get a room with four beds for myself. Together with a glass of wine do I write my diary, and hope that I may give Getryggen a visit next day. Bunnerlakes