Day 3 : 19 August 1999, Getryggen
I sleep well. In the morning do I make my own breakfast. I clean the room, and store my luggage in a deposit box. The weather is perfect, a few clouds high up in the sky and a comfortable temperature. Perfect for a visit on the peak Getryggen (1382). The track up to Getryggen starts outside the mountain station, and is called the 'flower path', with descriptions of the different climatic zones as one pass them. The trees give up at 850 m, unfortunately are there not many flowers at this time in August. On the way up, 600m in 3 km, do I meet others that have waken up earlier than me and is already on their way down. As I get further up is Sylarna and Bunnerfjället showing up in my view, not disturbed by the clouds high up in the sky. At the end is the grass giving up, the ground is stony except at a few protected places where some species that can tolerate the rough climate has found their home. Tväråklumparna
On the top is the view excellent and far reaching, though hazy. In the north are the grey stony Tväråklumparna. At the horizon in the south is Helagsfjället barely visible. I have been at Sylarna twice, both times have the clouds prevented my from walking up on it. Today it would have been possible, but today I'm on Snasahögarna. This weather should have been here yesteday, but this view is a good substitute for Västra Bunnerfjället. Getryggen is stony, almost nothing grow on the ground. I find a shelter for the chilly wind behind some stones. sit down and admire the view. I have a late lunch and write postcards, before walking down again. Bunnerfjället
I'm back in time to have dinner, well before the bus leaves at six. I take char. The personnel is cleaning the roof windows, which is a dangerous task. They are secured with climbing ropes. When they open up a window to clean it inside, are dead flies falling down. I choose my place carefully, I do not want to have any of them on my char. In the middle of the room is a 12 m high climbing wall. A boy is struggling to climb to the top, eventually he succeeds, rings the bell to indicate the success and writes his name in the guestbook at the top. Many has brought their dog, the dogs seem to like the mountain life as mucg as their owners. I wonder what my cat should say about of being here. I doubt she would like it, the home is the best place. I fetch my things and walk out to the bus, or busses. One big and two small ones. Lot's of people are leaving. Many couples, old and young. Families with children. I'm the only one alone. The train is 40 minutes late at Enafors, I have plenty of time to study all the advertisements at the station. One brochure is from 1994. I walk around Jämtlandia, opposite the railway station, where we had sandwiches 1984. Not open today. Finally the train arrive. Even more people enter the train in Östersund. Kadonk, kadonk, the sound of old rails can be heard. From Undersåker are there new rails, and then silence and sleep.

When I get home has my friend, who has been looked after by the cat, already left. The cat report that the friend has behaved well.

The cat