Hiking in Sylarna
Sylarna is a mountain area in Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden, on the border to Norway. Östersund is the main town in this area, which has rather good connections. In Östersund is an airport, and there are several trains with Storlien as an endstation. There are several possibilities to reach Sylarna. There are busses from Undersåker to Vålådalen and from Östersund to Ljungdalen, the entry points from east and south. In the north do the train stop at Enafors, from where a taxi/bus takes you to Storulvån, or you can walk from Enafors southwards to Snasahögarna. From Storlien, the last train stop, is a track towards Blåhammaren mountain station (with an excellent kitchen). From Norway in the west is the entry point Nedalshytta, which can be reached with car from Stugudal. At Sylarna themself is there a mountain station, the only way to reach it is to walk. An attraction at the Sylarna mountain station is the pig that walks around at the station. The peak Storsylen (1741) at Sylarna close to the mountain station is easy to walk up on, and many do.
Since the area is easily reached is it a popular place. The area is in addition to the mountain stations well equipped with tracks and huts. There are tracks for almost any taste in the area. The main attraction is Sylarna itself, but the other mountains should not be forgotten. Close to Ljungdalen is Helagsfjällen, in the north at Storulvån is Snasahögarna and Bunnerfjällen. In the middle is Härjångsfjällen, and in the east is Lunndörrsfjällen reachable from Vålådalen. Through the area float the river Handölan from south to north, which in the north has impressive rapids. In the sameviste Tjallingen is it possible (1999) to use an Icelandhorse instead of onesown legs. Here is during the winterseason a simple restaurant serving reindeer.

I have made these visits in the area:
Enafors - Snasahögarna - around Sylarna (Ekorrdörren, Nedalen) - Storulvån
Ljungdalen - Kesussjön - Helags - Sylarna - Enkälen -
Blåhammaren - Rundvalen - Storlien