Mior - Hiking - Fjällflora

I have in this "Fjällflora" collected the photos I have taken of some of the flowers I have seen during my wanderings in the Scandinavian mountains, "fjällen". I'm not an expert of flowers, if you find any mistakes in my "flora" please tell me.

The mountains along the border between Sweden and  Norway covers about 10 per cent of Sweden. Fjäll is the word for a mountain with the peak above the tree line. The fjäll region is the zone of the bare mountain , kalfjäll, and the subalpine birch forest belt found between the tree line and the coniferous forest. The coniferous forest is one of the greatest untouched forest area in Europe, partly protected by reserves or national parks. Above the birch forest is the treeless low alpine zone, then the mid alpine zone, which is followed by the high alpine zone. Where the different zones begin and end depend on the latitude, and if it is the north or south slope. The precipitation is high in the mountains, because of the nearby Atlantic.