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Mior - this is my main top page. In swedish only. Here one can find pictures from Skåne, my journeys, my cat, and a photo gallery.
Hiking - Descriptions, diaries, pictures, from the scandinavian mountains, fjällen, and Skåneleden, the hiking trail in Skåne.
Fjällflora - Pictures of many of the flowers that can be found in the mountains.
Portraits - I try to avoid to have pictures of myself in the descriptions, instead have I collected them here. One for each year.
Equipment - my equipment check list.
Tour history - the list of all my hiking tours.
Abisko - the national park at Torne Träsk. The area suits most tastes, from those that prefer a good dinner and a shower after a day, those walking between simple huts, or those that prefer tent. One can reach Abisko both by car and train, in Kiruna is an airport. One end of Kungsleden.
Jotunheimen - Jotunheimen is a national parc in the southern part of Norway, ca 350 km north of Oslo. There are peaks rising to over 2400m, with Galdhöpiggen (2469) and Glittertind(2452) as the highest. These can be called the giants in the Scandinavian mountains.
Kungsleden - Kungsleden is a 440 km long track from Abisko in the north to Hemavan in the south. The most popular part is from Abisko to Nikkaluokta, passing Kebnekaise. Kebnekaise is the highest mountain in Sweden, about 2120 meters.
Marsfjällen - Marsfjällen is a nature reserve in the southern part of Lappland. It consists of a mountain region, and birch forests.
Sarek - Sarek is a 1970 square kilometers large national park north of the arctic circle in Sweden. It is said to be Europes last wilderness, though it for centuries has been used as summer pastureland for reindeers. But it is anyway a magnificient untouched alpine area. The surroundings I include are the national parks Padjelanta and Stora Sjöfallet, and the part of the trail Kungsleden that here pass at the border of Sarek.
Skåneleden - Skåneleden consists of a number of tracks in Skåne, in the very south of Sweden. No wilderness, all of Skåne is affected by human activities. Good and bad. The tracks pass through all types of nature that exist in this part of Sweden, as well as parts with no nature.
Sylarna - Sylarna is a mountain area in Jämtland, in the middle of Sweden, on the border to Norway. Since the area is easily reached is it a popular place. The area is in addition to the mountain stations well equipped with tracks and huts. There are tracks for almost any taste in the area.
Vindelfjällen - Vindelfjällen is one of largest conservation areas in Europe, with an area of 550 000 hectares. The reserve is situated in the rural districts of Sorsele and Storuman in southern Lapland. It gives an representive sample of Lapland's mountains.
Fjällen 2009: My Sarek hike was due to problems with my back converted to a journey in fjällen.
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