pictures of myself taken over the years. 2012 - The island Sylt at the Nprthseecoast of Germany.

I was once at a photo exhibition, where all photos were a portrait of the same person. It was the photographer herself. She could not afford a model, so she was the model herself. I liked this exhibition very much. It inspired me to look through all photos I have of myself in the mountains, I try to have the habit to take a portrait for every visit. A few days later did I watch a TV program, where one many years ago interviewed a person, and then one slowly replaced the film with an interview of today. I also find it interesting how one change as one get older, that is perhaps why I decided to make this self portrait page. I have selected one portrait for each hike, as well as a few others. I have not been behind the camera myself, either I instructed somebody else or used the self timer. I do not pretend that my photos are of the same quality as the one in the exhibition I saw, far from it, but I found it anyway fun to make my own portrait page. Neither do I assume that anybody is interested in these self portraits.

I have tried to keep portraits away from my pages of diaries and descriptions, this since I want these to be descriptive, and a photo of myself do not describe very much. Of course, there are photos with people on them, but these are there to give something more to the illustration. The portraits I have collected here are in general not any close vue of my face, which would be rather uninteresting, but do also say something about the place where it is taken.

The photo album show all portraits in a small format on one page, the slide show gives a larger format, one portrait per page. The list of year is a fast navigator to such a page. The name at the year indicates in which area the photo is taken.

2007 - Sarek