A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 24 August, Pårek - Ruopsokjåkkå, 15 km

One must first walk a few kilometers through the forest, then one come to the moor on the gentle slope towards Säkokjåkkå. If one manage to find and follow a track do the forest not present any problems. There is today a clear sky and fresh air. The view towards the low land in the south is magnificient. The landscape disappear in the far distance. Last time, 1982, did we pass Säkokjåkkå close to the forest. This year do we follow the track on the moor up to where the outlet from Tjeurajaure join Säkokjåkkå. The track is on the newer map. But as soon as one leave the forest is the track not really needed. It is anyway extremely easy to walk up the gentle slope.  We arrive to Säkokjåkkå at lunch.

Where we arrive at Säkokjåkko do the water flow deep below the snow that covers the brook. Which makes it very comfortable to get the other side of the brook, it is just to walk on the snow. It is definitely thick enough to be safe. A cloudless Pårte look down at us. Tomorrow will we walk up towards it from the west side. Can it read our thoughts? After our lunch do we continue along the brook from Tjeurajaure, where the ground is dressed with grass. From Tjeurajaure is it rather steep uphill to Säkok. The not so well trained legs protest. The protest is firmly rejected. Not much is growing up here, small stones are scattered all over the place. We keep the height on the slope of Tjeura towards Ruopsokjåkkå, and come to a rather flat area, where we get the view of Njåtjosvagge. We are soon at the brook Ruopsokjåkkå. The brook has made a canyon, and this far up (we are roughly at 1000m)  are there not many flat places nearby it, and that is also without any stones. After some searching do we find a place which is not exactly flat but good enough to spend the night.



Towards Njåtjosvagge