Switzerland - Zinal 1982

1982 I was at the CERN Computing School in Zinal in the Swiss Alps. Zinal is in a cross valley to the Valais valley. The cross valley begins at Sierre and stretch south towards the Italian border. CERN is a European center for research in particle physics. They organize every two years a computer school and every two a school in physics. When I once in 2008 went through slides from a hike in Sarek 1982, I found the slides from the daily walks I did in connection with the school. What I remember was the lectures on the mornings and evenings, and we had the afternoons free for free activities. We were a few who were out and walked. One day was there a joint excursion, including wine tasting. We got a taste of local wines. Some of them are only consumed locally, including a white Fendant which was delicious. I can not remember what the photos show, but the Alps are always beautiful and the images can speak for themselves.