Mior - Hiking - Jotunheimen

Jotunheimen means the "Home of giants" in the old nordic mythology. Jotunheimen of today is a national parc in the southern part of Norway, ca 350 km north of Oslo. There are peaks rising to over 2400m, with Galdhöpiggen (2469) and Glittertind(2452) as the highest. These can be called the giants in the Scandinavian mountains. Jotunheimen consists mainly of gabbro rocks, a hard and resistant rock against erosion. The glaciers are small but many. The mountain passes are often about 1600m, ca 500 m above the valleys. With a heavy rucksack is that rather tiring, and many choose to walk inbetween huts with a minimal weight.

The area is well equipped with cairned tracks and huts. The huts are operated either by the "Norwegian Tourist Federation" (DNT) or privately. The standard of the huts vary, some offer full lodging with restaurant, some with self service, and some are locked. Some offer guided tours, e.g. up to the peak of Galdhöpiggen. The unmanned huts are locked, one must get a key in advance to the locked huts. The area is easily reached by car or public transportation, this and the availability explains the popularity of the area and the many visitors. Many of the staffed huts can be reached by car, or in some cases by boat. If one take the train one go to Otta, and then with bus to the staffed hut Gjendesheim at the east end of Lake Gjende.

I have made one visit in Jotunheimen, many years ago. My knowledge is limited. On the link page are some links to much more informative sites.