Mior - Hiking - Marsfjällen

Marsfjällen is a nature reserve in the southern part of Lappland. It consists of a mountain region, and birch forests. In the east is a large area with marshes.  To the west are the mountains Grapeisvare, Murfjället, and Aunere, which is said to be of botanical interest. The mountain summits are up to about 1500 m. The highest one, Marsfjället, can be reached from the west. The area is a good place for tours of one to a  few days. There is only one hut in the area, Bleriken, but without fuel and host. Tent is therefore needed for longer tours. The starting points are Kittelfjäll in the north, Fatmomakke or  Marsliden in the south.  Fatmomakke is an interesting church town. To Kittelfjäll do one get by bus from Vilhelmina on inlandsbanan. The closest place with public transport and youth hostel/hotel in the south is Saxnäs, about 10 km away, reachable by bus from Wilhelmina. In Saxnäs is there taxi. It is also possible to go by air to Vilhelmina.

In the west are the botanical interesting places Grapeisvare, Murfjället, and Aunere, these I want to include in a future visit (if I make any). Graipesvare and Murfjället is reached from Grundfors west of Marsliden. These are suitable for a one day tour. Aunere can be included as an extension to the proposed tour below.

A possible tour is to follow the track from Kittelfjäll (one can as well turn it all around and start in Marsliden/Fatmomakke in the south) to the lakes Rissjön and Nedre Bleriken to the Bleriken hut. Make excursions up on Risfjället (1385m), and then visit the ancient sacrifice stone in Offerskalet north of Risfjället. From the Bleriken hut go through the narrow Trollskalet down to the lake Gailahjaure. In north part of the lake is a "sacrifice stone". Follow the mountains south for a while, before taking east to the hill Vallegietje. This is to get a distant view of Marsfjället, and the marshland eastwards. Walk back towards the glacial valley between Marsfjället and Gakkenkaise. Continue around Gakkenkaise and pass through the narrow valley west of Ortsen. From here is it probably easy to walk up on Marsfjället (1589m). Take northwest and follow the slope to the canyon created by the brook Djupbäcken. From here one walk to Bleriken and follow the track back to Kittelfjäll.

I hope to return to Marsfjällen and make all or part of my ficticious tour above.