A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 30 June, Sjnuftjutisjåkkå - Ruotesvagge, 9 km

Wake up at seven. It is clody, the rain has been falling the whole night, it takes a break during the morning. We follow the barely visible track for a while. Due to the rain and melting snow are the brooks full of water. It is easier to walk higher up on the slope of Kisuris, where snow still covers the brooks. Instead do we have to fight the osier.

The rain starts to fall again. A few hours later do we reach Niakjåkkå, at the place where the brook from Kisuris join it. It is windy, cold, and raining. Our rain suits have seen better days, after several hours of rain do they start to leak. We put up the tent with a hill as a shelter aginst the wind. Along the roaring jåkk is lot's of snow. Despite the weather is it a beautiful place. From our hill can one to the south see into the U-shaped Routesvagge, in the distance is the glacier Routesjekna. On the opposite side of Niakjåkkå are the cloads halfdown Niak.

Slope of Kisuris