A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 3 July, Låddejåkkå - Pårka, 12 km

Partly clouded, and still cold. To avoid the osier do we walk high up on the slope. Here and there are a few birches. Beautifull view of the valley with the Mattåive (1467) mountain on the other side. We eat our lunch in the Låddejåkkå hut at the Padjelanta track. From here do we follow the track to Staloluokta. Discuss the weather yesterday with the elderly host and hostess of the hut. They had seen the clouds coming, it was like a moving wall.

We stay a short moment at the bridge over Låddejåkkå to look at the cataracts in the river. The track continue along a small snow covered brook up to Pårka (ca 900m). We encounter a few showers, at higher altitude with snow. After Pårka is it downhill. It clears up, and we can see the outlet of Mielätno into Virihaure. Enough for today. We are waiting for the midnight sun. It miidnight is the sky clear, the mountains on the other side of Virihaure is coloured in red. It is cold, around zero degrees.