A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 5 July, Stuor-Titer - Staloluokta, 6 km

A beautiful and warm day. We take a tour up on Stuor-Titer (1036). Strange polished rocks, interspaced with small waterfilled gorges. On the top a 360 degrees view, Sarek to the east. To the south Kierkevare (1571). The buzzards guides as back to our tent. The track towards Staloluokta is easy. The sun shines, inviting to a long sunbath break on the shore of the deep blue Virihaure. While lying there, in shorts, is a company passing. Dressed as if it is around zero degrees

The birches start to become green, but they have not yet got their final look. Finally arriving at Staloluokta. It is hot, the blood is boiling. A swim in the lake at 'Staloluokta beach' cools down. The hostess at the gives us the 'chambre d'amour' (lover's room), the only room for two which has a gas stove. But why? My companion and I are of the same sex. We use the gas stove to prepare a pair of chars, sold by the lapps. Tastes good.