A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 1 July, Ruotesvagge - Sierkavagge, 13 km

It continue to rain the whole night, it cease early in the morning. Cloudy and cold day, four degrees. It is beautiful with all that snow, from the slope towards Sierkavagge is a magnificient view of Routesvagge. It seems as it filled with snow, we decide to give up the idea of walking trough the valley. We have not much time to fight snow and water, especially not if it continue to rain. Instead do we walk into Sierkavagge.

Sierkavagge is an open valley, gentle slopes in the south up to Låutak (ca 1300m), and with Kisuris(1664m) in the north. It seems easy to walk up on it from this side. Easy to walk in the valley, the snow cover the brooks, which makes it even easier. At a few places is the snow more than a meter deep, as seen where the water has cut down into it. Here we have to take long detours. We follow Sierkajåkkå in the middle of the valley. Further west is less and less snow, the jåkk becomes wider and wider.

East Sierkavagge