A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 2 July, Sierkavagge - Låddejåkkå, 12 km

We wake up in fog. This is one more cold day, 5 degrees. The fog slowly dissolves, and at ten is it clear enough to start the day. In front of us is a grassy flat land. The small hill Luoto (1187) to the west is barely visible. The main obstacle is Vartojåkåtj, but it is not a serious one, it is easy to cross at the border of Padjelanta. We keep the height 800 meters towards the lake Rapukjauratj (814). The fog has completely disappeared, there remains clouds high up. Not high enough to allow the perfect view into Koupervagge, but it makes us to take a long lunch.

Large areas are covered with melting snow, which makes it wet. When approaching the lake does it get stony. The lake is still mostly frozen. Suddenly is fog attacking from the west, like a big rolling stone. After a few minutes is the visibility less than twenty meters, and a heavy rain falls. No descent place on which to put up the tent. We let the compass guide us west towards the valley of Låddejåkkå. Some hours later are we below the clouds on the north side of the valley. The slope is covered with small osiers and dwarf birches. In the middle of the valley can we distinguish the river. In an open place in the osier and at a brook, do we prepare for the night. The rain keeps falling. Sweet home.