A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 13 July, Muorkatjauratjah - Sitoätno, 18 km

Good morning to the world. We say good morning since the morning present us with beautiful weather. This weather stay with us all day, the same do a minor cloud with mosquitos.  Our plan for the day is to walk on the hills north of Sitojaure, from wher we look forward to see the view over the lake. First we walk up the hillside to 1200 meters, a difference of 400 meters, north of the hill Tjaraknjunnje (1218). After the first steeper part is it rather flat. It is perfect to walk here. Then we see it, the view. It is far reaching in all directions, towards west or the mountains Skårki, towards east are gentle hills. In the middle is the lake Sitojaure surrounded with forests and marshes. We can watch it for several hours, while we continue. We walk on slope of the hill 1192. At  Kårsåkaska is a brook in a rather deep gorge, filled with water. Nature has made a bridge of snow, probably specially made for us. The slopes of the "gorge" feels steep,  and.the backpacking feels heavy. When get up on the other side of the gorge is the view disappearing from our sight.

As we are leaving the view, do we get  into a more stony area as we approach Kuotekvagge. It is even more stony  around the lake Kuotekjaure, though it is still an easy terrain where we walk north of the lake. We continue on the slope up towards the watershed of Kuotekvagge northwest of the lake, then passing the almost empty brook Vuovresjåkåtj. We stop at another small brook, with Sitoätno in front of us. At a distance can we see the mountains in Kukkesvagge. Strange, they do not hide behind any clouds. That is otherwise the normal condition when we see it. They have previous years been very shy when we have visited them. This looks promising for tomorrow, our main goal this year is to walk Kukkesvagge in sunshine. But now we rise our tent, it has been a long day and we feel tired.




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