A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 14 July, Sitoätno - Lulep Nientojåkåtj, 9 km

We wake up at seven. The weather has changed dramatically during the night. We can hear how it is raining. The mountains are hiding behind cloud curtains. Now we recognise them. We find it best to stay in the tent until the rain stops falling. At noon do we consider it reasonable safe to start. The descent to Sitoätno is through osier, between large stones, many stony areas, groups of birches, and an irritating drizzle. We reach safely Kuortosluoppal. The wind has during walk started to blow and is strong. It comes from the front, and it is not comfortable at all. Though Kuortesluoppal is a small lake, does the wind make rather large waves on the lake. We follow the lake, when we turn towards Kukkesvagge do the ground become easier to walk on.

When we reach Lulep Nientojåkåtj is it storming, and it is somewhat difficult to stand upright.  In addition is it after the rain during the night much water in the brook. We are not eager to ford right now, it is half past five and we hope for less water in the morning. Instead do we search for a camping site in a good shelter against the wind. Out first choise is a bad one, the wind is too strong and we are afraid it will break the tent. After a short search do we find another  place surrounded with large stones, and a wall against the wind. It is a perfect place, we put some stones to support the tent and we feel safe. The personal care is today rudimentary. The dinner do we make and eat in the tent.

A rainy day

At Sitoätno