A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 15 July, Lulep Nientojåkåtj - Tjeurajåkåtj, 14 km

Sleeping, awake, sleep, awake. The wind wake me several times during the night. The wind lull in the morning, but is still strong. It has stopped raining, the brook is easy to cross. We walk on the slope beneath Niento with a strong contrary wind. On the ground are stones scattered around. At the brook Alep Nientjåkåtj do we pass a minor area with low growing osier . The mountains are very shy today, since the clouds cover them almost completely.  But occasionally do they during a few minutes lift the cloud curtain so that they can see  where we go. We take lunch at the bridge over the river Kukkesvakkjåkkå. Here we find three hidden empty fuel bottles, and one pair of briefs. Those that hide the bottles must have been tired, plastic bottles are not that heavy. The briefs are more difficult to explain.

The river is here rather difficult to ford, and without the bridge would one have to walk further up in the valley to ford it. Without crossing the bridge do we enter Kukkesvagge, i.e. we walk on the north side. The idea is to get a good view of the peaks in the Sarek massif in the south. The north side is more like a smooth wall, and less alpine in its character. The clouds climb further down on the mountain sides, and there is a drizzle. The terrain is easy, there are a few places with swamp or stones. Some kilometers after the bridge is a large wetland around the river. We follow the border of it. As we pass the glacier Årjep Sarekjekna do the clouds open up, and they let us see more of the mountains. At Tjeurajåkåtj do we find a good camping site on a meadow. The mountains remove some moreof the curtain, Äpar is almost in sunshine. The day has been cold, as it clear up does it becomes colder.