A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 18 July, Sjnuftjutis - Änonjalme/Ritsem, 8 km

The last day, we have had  a good night of sleep. The morning offer variable cloudiness and no mosquitos. It's from here a few hours walk on a good track to Änonjalme, where the boat across Akkajaure to Ritsem leaves at four in the afternoon. We get away late, and leave at ten. We follow the track towards Padjelantaleden through a mountain birch forest, passing a few small bogs. After an hour do we and the track connect to Padjelantaleden.  Ahead of us can we see Akkajaure, there are many new islands in the regulated lake, the level of water is very low. The track is very good and we are soon at the steep slope down to the bridge over the river Vuojatätno . As usual do we take a break at the bridge to admire the fierce stream, which do the best to supply water into the lake. After the bridge  keeps a shower us company as we walk on the stony track to Änonjalme. Most of it is through a birch forest, interrupted by a small beautiful pond.  In Änonjalme is a small cafe where one can eat newly smoked lavaret on glow bread, which is a type of thin flat unleavened bread. Recommended, we do this while waiting for the boat. One can also buy sami handicraft, I buy a few presents for the cat sitters at home. We have seen a few reindeer carcasses, the woman in the cafeteria tell us that it could be the result of a bear or wolverin. Who knows.

At four do the boat take us first to Vaisaluokta, and then to Ritsem. There is not much water in the lake, to get off the boat in Ritsem does it partly drive up on the shore. We must then climb down on a ladder, since the boat can not reach the landing stage. We walk on the road the few hundred meters from the harbour to the youth hostel, where we get our prebooked room. After a shower do we buy food from the fridge in the small shop. Tastes awful.

Akka from west

Towards Akkajaure


The bridge