A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 17 July, Suottasjaure - Sjnuftjutis, 17 km

We wake up to a day where the clouds are halfway down on Niak. During the day does it change to variable cloudiness, and with short showers of drizzle. With Niak in front of us do we on the slope of Vartotjåkkå descend to Suottasjåkkå. We can see into the small valley east of Niak, with the lake Niakrieppejauratj, and there seems still be much snow. Coming further down on the slope of Vartotjåkkå do Kisuris show up in west, and we have to say goodbye to the view of Suottasjaure in the east. The weather is now even more acceptable with a gentle wind. Suottasjåkkå is here 20 meter wide, and full of water. Here and there are minor places with snow, but in general do we walk on comfortable grassy meadows. Far away are a few persons trying to cross the river, they have some difficulties, but manage after some time. We walk down to the water, on the shore grows the largest tuft of Moss campion I have seen. It has due the erosion fallen down from the meadow a few meters up, and has found a new place to live. We leave the river in order to keep the height towards Sjnuftjutis. We pass a few areas with small osier and dwarf birch, it is still easy to walk. Backwards, in Ruotesvagge, does it seem to snow. This was later confirmed by persons that had been there. On us do the sun shine, we take a long pause at Rakkajåkkå, enjoying the sunshine. Thinking of those in the snowfall, though it is not heavily snowing.

At the entrance to the valley with the lake Sjnuftjutisjauratj  is a track east of the lake on the slope of Akka, the track leads towards Padjelantaleden. One walk rather high up on the slope and far from the lake, at the lake grow osier which one then avoid. The brooks that fall into the lake has created ravines, so one have to walk down and up a few times. Sometimes is it difficult to follow the track in the ravines. We walk down and up a few extra times, since we loose the track and walk too far down on the slope. But in general are there no problems. This is a lake I like, both by name and view.  North of the lake is an unobstructed view of Akkajaure. The track lead downward, passing an interesting terrace formation. After each terrace is a steep slope to the next. After the last terrace, and where the birch forest begin, is a a brook where we put up the tent at half past five. We get a very nice evening with sunshine and no mosquitos at all. On the mountain side of Akka do the sun and clouds create fascinating light effects with stripes of clouds, sunshine, and the mountain structure. Fascinating.