A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 8 August, Saltoluokta - Autsutjvagge, 6 km

It is midnight and the cats are fighting. My cat, who has her own door, sit inside and her opponent outside. They shout impertinences to each other through the door, in the way only cats can. I try to intervene, but this is not your bussiness they say and continue their fight. I do not get much sleep before I have to get up at four. Then my cat sleep deeply, satisfied with the fight. After a quick breakfast, do I say goodbye to the sleeping cat, put my luggage in the car, and drive towards the rising sun and Sturup airport. I leave the car at the long time parking place, and walk to the gate, where I wait for my friend. We will take the plane at ten past six to Arlanda, and then further to Gällivare. To Arlanda is it a half full jetplane, while it from Arlanda to Gällivare is a smaller propeller driven plane. We land at eleven at Lapland airport. We start to look for the bus to Gällivare, but we are told that there is no longer any bus. Instead one must take a taxi, so we call for one, and wait. In the meantime do we get time to admire the  aerobatics of the swallows. The taxi cost 120 SEK, and it takes ten minutes to Gällivare railway station. We leave our luggage at the taxi office, since the driver claim that the left-luggage office at the railway station is closed. We do not need to pay for it. The bus will leave at twenty past three, so we have four hours to spend. We start with buying the fuel for our kitchen, this we find in the ICA-shop. Nearby, everything is nearby in Gällivare, is the China restaurant. Here we eat Beijing rice, tastes rather good, and the plate is full. On the way back to the railway station, do we visit the new church. A wooden church built around 1880. Back at the railway station, after having fetched the luggage in the nearby taxi office, do we repack and redress such that we can start walk when we arrive at Saltoluokta. It turns out that the travel agency and the luggage office is reopened, it is now a private railway company that operates the train to Norrland and it took them some time to get into bussiness. Then we wait for the bus outside the station.

The bus leave on time, with us is the bus half full. Just before the village Porjus do we take right, on a small road along the lake Stora Lulevattnet. The road is miserable, and it need to be improved. At five do we turn left down to the landing stage at Kebnats. The boat from Saltoluokta is approaching, and the bus from Ritsem arrive as well. The place is full of life for a moment. Much supply is to be transported to the fell station, it takes some time to move it from the bus to the boat. There is no wind, the lake rest in peace during the ten minutes it takes to get across. We sit outside and watch the steep mountain Lulep Kierkau. The fell station is a few hundred meter away, uphill through a birch forest, a broad track show the way. We can here music, four folk musicians entertain when we arrive. This week is devoted to swedish folkmusic. That is not our interest this time, at six are we on our track up towards Autsutjvagge. The first part is uphill through the birch forest, soon one reach the bare mountain region. Looking back have we a nice view of the glossy surface of the lake Langas. To the west is the peak Lulep Kierkau (1139) most prominent. In front of us is the wide valley Autsutjvagge, our broad and stony track lead further into the flat northern part of it. The valley continue west to tha lake Pietshaure,  between Lulep Kierkau and the small peak of Rasek (1092). The clouds descend on the slopes of the hillsides, in east are they gentle, while in west is the vertical wall of  Sjäksjo (1250). The daylight start to disappear, and after have passed a few brooks without good camping grounds do we find an acceptable place at a small brook. The darkness embrace the tent. It has been a long day, and we fall a sleep at once, the rain fall and the sound it makes on the tent sounds  as a cradle song.

From the boat


Looking back towards Langas