A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8-9: 15-16 August, Kvikkjokk - Home, - km

During breakfast we discuss the storm we had with others who also had a bad night. They also think that the standard is decreased and littering increased along the track. We check out and wait for the bus that leave 12.30. The bus stop is at the closed shop five hundred meters away, previuosly was it outside the youth hostel. It takes two hours to Jokkmokk, where we walk to the youth hostel and leave our luggage at the entrance. It open at 17.00. We have a late lunch at the mountain museum Ajtte, we eat an excellent reindeer. Then a visit to the handicraft house to by presents, here we meet the woman we met a few years ago at Änonjalme. After having checked in at the youth hostel, do we seacrh for a restaurant to have a good dinner at. The pizzerias we reject, in a small restaurant are we recommended to eat at Hotel Gästis. Friendly of them, so we walk to Gästis. It is a good recommendation, the arctic chark with cream sauce and potatoes is delicious. We are back at the youth hostel in time for the evening news on TV. 116 persons are feared to have died in a sunken russion submarine.

We have breakfast in the cafe City. The lady serve two types of sandwich she say, with cheese and ham, the other with ham and cheese. We take one of each. The rest of the morning is spent in the mountain botanical garden, this time of the year do nothing flower. Lunch again at Ajtte, before it is time to walk to the bus station. The bus leave 13.30, half an hour late. The trip to Gällivare take ninety minutes. We have a taxi to the airport, the same driver as when we arrived. We tell him that the railway station has opened again. At five do the Fokker take off. When I at midnight open the door to my home, does a happy cat greet me.

Youth hostel


Hotel Gästis

Konditori City

The cat