A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 10 August, Pastavagge - Rinim, 4 km

At midnight is it storming. Our place is not the best suitable in a raging storm, open as it is at the entrance to a valley. The wind tries to tear our tent apart, fooling us by being calm for a minute, building up, then suddenly hit us with full strength. Each time from a different direction. The tent is forced almost flat along the ground, despite our effort to support it with our own bodies. One feel helpless, no control of what will happen, at the same time impressed by the force. After hours of fight, in the small hours, and a moment of inattention, do a bow break in two pieces.  At six in the morning have we managed to make a rudimentary repair, my friend is a handy person. The storm, happy with the performance, leave us and we can get some sleep. When we wake up at ten, has the wind faded away. We leave the tent to have a closer look at the damage. The tent bows do not look as they did before, they have now a strange wavy shape. The damage is not too bad, but it is bad enough to decide that we should not continue as planned. It needs some more permanent repair. After lunch, i.e. our breakfast, do we put our things together and start to walk back to Rinim. We soon see Sitojaure again, between us and the lake are hundreds of reindeers. A fantastic view. They are not at all shy, and let us come close as we pass them. Indeed majestatic animals. We have never seen that many at the same time before. At four do we enter the forest at Rinim again, and walk down to the shore.

The woman has seen us passing the house, and send the seven or eight year daughter to ask if we want to buy newly smoked arctic chark. What a question! Of course we want. The man just left with some hikers, or tourists as they call us, for the Sitojaure cabins. We eat our charks at the shore, while waiting for him to come back, and start to enjoy life again. When he come back, surprised to see us again, do we tell them about our mishappening, and they insist in helping us in making a more solid repair of the tent. They have better tools for it than we do. They tell us that it has happened several times that tents has been blown away at that stone, the lesson is do not tent there in a storm. Despite that the tent look more reilable now, we have also lost time, do we decide to walk along Kungsleden down to Kvikkjokk. We borrow their  "phone" to cancel our helicopter that we have booked from Staloluokta. It is too late to take the boat to Svine on Kungsleden, we can stay in the lapp cot sleeping on reindeer skins. They charge us 50SEK per person for it, but then we can take wood to make up a fire, and use the sauna. With birch-bark as lightener do we soon have a warming fire in the cot, but also some smoke. Meanwhile a man and his nine year daughter arrive from Pastavagge, they have had a bad night, their tent was more damaged than ours. We share the cot with them.

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