A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 9 August, Autsutjvagge - Pastavagge, 13 km

We have in advance booked transport from the Sitojaure cabins to Rinim at three in the afternoon. So when we wake up at nine are we already in a hurry, since we still have a long walk to Sitojaure. Though we dislike to walk in rain, is that what we have to do. It is not a heavy rain, but the rain suit is a must. We had put up our tent a few kilometers before the shelter in the valley, and it does not take us long to get there. The shelter is a small house with two barrack beds and an iron stove. The shelter is placed where the jåkk is down in a valley in the valley. The track continue on the edge down to the valley where the jåkk find the way through osier. One pass a few small ridges and some small lakes. The sun become visible, and we can take off the rain suits. From a shallow mini valley do we get a first sight of Sarek, still far away. After passing the next hill can we in the southeast see down on the connected lakes Kaskajaure and Kåbtåjaure, and the low land further away. On the slope down to the lake, and before reaching the birch forest, do we meet five reindeers. They run up on a hill, where they show their impressive siluettes, before they disappear into Autsutjvagge. The remaining part down to the cabins at Sitojaure is through a birch forest. There are two cabins, one close to the water and one further up in the forest, not far away is a Same village. The cabin at the lake looks new. The cabin host tell us that the previous one was last year destroyed by a fire. At three do our boat arrive, with six frozen passengers. We dress up in our rain suits, and leave in a strong contrary wind. The lake is shallow, and the wind creates disturbing waves. It feels in the body when the boat smash into the waves. The driver suddenly stop the boat, pointing, look an eagle on the shore! To us it more looks like a stone. We continue, trying to find the way with least waves. Dark clouds have appeared on the sky, and the rain start. When the boat hits the waves do we get a shower of cold water. We are happy we took on the rain suits.

After more than an hour, normal time is half an hour, do we land at Rinim. Rinim is in lee behind the mountains and in the forest, so here is no wind. This is the reason why the same family has built their house here. Our plan is to walk north of Äpar, and we ask our driver about where to ford Lulep Pastajåkkå. Nowhere, I do not want to find you in my fishing nets, he answer. There is abnormally much water these days, it is dangerous, and better not to try it. We thank him, pay the 250 SEK for the boat trip, and walk up through the birch forest. We will decide what to do when reaching the jåkk. While we talk, a few more hikers arrive from direction of Pastavagge, and wants to be transported to Sitojaure cabins, but he hesitates of making another tour today. It is cold and windy out there, he needs at least cofffee to get warm again.. We leave them and walk up through the narrow band of birch forest. When getting above the forest, doone pass between the lone hill Namatis, and the steep slope of Takartjåkkå, the peak is deeply hidden in the clouds. In front of us is the small opening into Pastavagge, the view is impressive. It is windy and a few showers pass by, and it temporarily hide the view. There are no problems to walk here, and we reach Pastajåkkå after a few hours. We find the stone where we stayed 1986, here we put our tent again. When looking at the jåkk, do we find that it is a wise decision not to ford it, but to walk through Pastavagge instead. It rains slightly and the wind has increased further. We start to get worried and support the tent with heavy stones, and lie down wondering what will come.


Towards Sitojaure


Mot Pastavagge

Lulep Pastajåkkå