Kunsgleden 2018

During all the years we have walked together we have done it with tent. Most times in Sarek, the first one was 1981. With the ailments and diseases that come with the years, it felt more realistic this year with a cabin and light packing walk. Kungsleden between Abisko and Nikkaluokta in September (5-17/9) and autumn colors became the choice. Planned for 11 hiking days. There are seven stages between Abisko and Nikkaluokta, some day off and extra days for excursions felt reasonable. A cold made it four days of rest, and no day of excursion. It was a nice hike.

Journey there - The journey there. Leaves a sunny Skåne by plane via Arland to a sunny Kiruna. Bus to Abisko. Installs us at Abisko tourist station. An evening stroll on the river Abiskojåkka.
Abisko - Abiskojaure - The trail is an easy walk through birch forest along Abiskojåkka. Autumn colors on leaves and slopes. Soon, the lake Abiskojaure appear. Along the lake, on easy walking path, up to the bridge over Kamajåkka to the huts.
Abiskojaure - Alesjaure - Gets a long walk. Steep uphill in Kartinvagge up to the bare mountain. Looks over the lake Apparjaure, the small lakes Miesakjaure and Ratojaure and then along Alesjaure. The walk on the slope towards the lake is light and flat.
Alesjaure - Tjäktja - One more day uphill. An increase from 780 to about 1000 meters. Over some streams you have to walk on stones. Low mountains, no alps peaks. The Tjäktja cabin glances above Tjäuftjanjira at a waterfall.
Tjäktja - Sälka - We want to cross the Tjäktjapass (1140 meters above sea level) before the wind starts to increase. The forecast says 20 meters per second. View over Tjäktjavagge from the Tjäktjapass. Steep down to the valley where Tjäktjajåkka winds its way. In several places the river spreads out to shallow water collections.
Sälka, restday 1 - The cold is worse. Will be a day of rest. I get walk on the slope towards the valley Stuor-Räitavagge to the Nallo cabin. Nice autumn colors with a view to the Sälka cabins and the mountains behind. The ground shines in red.
Sälka, restday 2 - Will be one more day of rest today. I give myself away along Tjäktjajåkka. There is a ford place where it spreads, but it looks too deep for my boots. Before the where it spreads runs the jåkk through a ravine. Walk slowly, sit down and enjoy the mountain world.
Sälka - Singi - Easy hiking today. The red covers on the ground. Beautiful with mountains and brooks. Nice weather, easy going and beautiful views. Wide valley.
Singi - Decide on a day of rest. The cold is still not quite good. Long walk on the slopes.
Singi - Kebnekaise - Fresh snow on the mountain peaks. Starts uphill. It gets more alpine. Becomes birch forest as we approach the mountain station. Nice autumn colors on the birch. The mountain station is full. Get a mattress on the floor.
Kebnekaise - Nikkaluokta - We are leaving twenty over six. It is below zero degrees, there is frost on the ground. Autumn colors, the birches shine yellow. The path goes through the mountain birch forest all the way. Light rain begins to fall.
Nikkaluokta - Goes to the chapel which lies on a hill. Good views of the fall. Otherwise, there is not much to do here. Typical start or end point of a hike. A beautiful sunset.