A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1: 18 July, Suorva - Njabbejåkkå, 9 km

My friend fetch me at eight, our flight to Stockholm will leave at 9.30. At Arlanda do we continue to Luleå with Transwede, and to Gällivare with Air Nordic. From the airport, which is 10 km outside Gällivare, is a bus to the railway station, where the bus towards Ritsem leave. At half past six in the afternoon do we reach Suorva. This was once, a long time ago, a magnificient water fall. Now it is made into a water power plant dam, one can walk on the dam and a small road to get to the other side of the lake . It does not look nice, but it is comfortable. On the other side is at a reindeer fence, a track leading through the forest up the slope. It is warm, about 20 degrees, and damp. We are dripping with sweat, making the mosquitos happy. The first and so far only time the mosquitos is a plague. Halfway up the slope is it written on a stone about a father and his son, who disappeared in Sarek a few years ago. They were never found it says, perhaps they got into the quicksand in the delta at Pierikjaure. True? Have not heard about this before.

Finally, after fighting mud and mosquitos, do we reach the bare mountain region. The reward is to look out over the lake below in the north. The track is not any longer visible. It is getting late, almost eleven in the evening, when we put up the tent at Njabbejåkkå or is it Njavvejåkåtj. The brook has on the map two names, we are somewhere where it change name. The brook is fierce and full of water, it is an easy decision to wait until the morning to ford it. We find a good campsite. We have a quick bath in the brook, have food, and say good night.


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