A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day4: 21 July, Kuopervagge - Alkajaure, 20 km

Despite the good weather yesterday evening, did it rain the whole night. Just in time, when we are ready to start the day, do the sun break through the clouds. It will be one more warm day. We follow the brook Kuoperjåkkå upstream, until we reach the place where it splits into two parts, one from Alkavagge, the other from Koupervagge. We ford the latter, aiming for Alkavagge. Sitting in the sun on the other side, can we study a company that tries to jump from stone to stone across the brook. It might be Possible most days, but not today after the rainy night. They finally realise that they must ford it. Unfortunately do they not have proper shoes to ford with, they have to cross barefooted. This can not be comfortable, with all the stones in the brook.

We leave them, and we walk up the slope into Alkavagge. A pleasant wind is blowing, keeping the any mosquito away that might be here. The first part of Alkavagge is very comfortable to walk in, it is like a large football ground. After the grounds do we find a well used track. Further in, after passing the mouth of Neitarieppevagge (from where we came 1982), does it get worse. On the slope towards the lake Alkajaure is it much of osier and mud. It doesn't help to get further up, the osier climbs high up on the slope. We console ourselves by the view of Alkajaure. The wind disappear and the mosquitos attack. An almost visible track leads to Alkavare chapel, built 1788, and still occasionally used (restored 1960). Here was a silver mining area in the seventeenth century. The nearby brook Kainaijåkåtj is in a deep canyon, and is difficult to ford this high up. The best place is where it flows into the river Mielätno. It is getting late, and we feel tired. When reaching Mielätno is it time to think of food and sleep. After the bath in the brook, is a delicious meal served: ham and mashed turnips. We can hear a rowing boat on the lake. We have met several hikers today, otherwise a rare event. The spirit of the water makes us to fall asleep. It starts to rain.

Alkavagge East

Alkavagge West