A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 24 July, Ritsem - Home, - km

Unfortunatley is the third person in the room, snoring loudly the whole night. We wake him several times, but no improvement of the noise. I am very close to become a murderer. We have an early breakfast, the bus to Gällivare leave at 8. The breakfast consists of mineral water (Ramlösa) and youghurt. My friend feel bad and spew, probably is it the hamburger we had yesterday evening that wants to get out. The bus to Gällivare cost 120SEK. In Gällivare do we leave the luggage at the railway station. Since there is no bus to the airport do we instead book a taxi. We have lunch at Domus, a rather tasteless fläskschnitzel. I am visiting many of the handicraft shops, looking for a grouse in bone of a reindeer. It should be gift for a friend, but I do not find any. We fecth our luggage and take our booked taxi to the airport. Air Nordic take us from Gällivare to Umeå, and then to Arlanda, where we have to wait for more than two hours. We are at Sturup 21, my friend is nice and driver me home. My cat is sitting on the passage outside my door. She is happy to see me.

The cat