A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day2: 19 July, Njabbejåkkå - Kukkesvagge, 15 km

We are lazy and get up late. The breakfast consist of gruel and sandwich with cheese. The weather is warm (20 degrees), there is no wind, and it is partly clouded. At 10.30 do we ford the brook. It is stony and swift. We continue on the slope of Njavvepuolta, it is easy to walk here. The flat land in the valley further down is covered with large stones, probably thrown by some giant in ancient times. Where we walk are some large stones. We avoid most of the osier at the brook Sluggajåkkå by passing below it. There is much water in the brook, so we must ford this one as well.

After lunch is it getting colder, it feels more comfortable than the morning heat and humidity. In front of us is the lake Lietetjaure and the Äpar mountain, a beautiful landscape. It is late in the afternoon when we reach Kukkesvagge. Nowadays is there a bridge across Kukkesvakkjåkkå, else would it be difficult to cross the river without making a detour far up in the valley. We notice that it is not possible for a horse to use the bridge, a few riders experience this when trying to. Then they try to get the horses into the river, but no, no, no. The horses refuse, clever animals. We don't stay long enough to see how it develops. Besides, is it allowed to bring horses into Sarek? A few kilometers after the bridge, on the slope towards Vuoinesvaratj, is a good view of Lietetjaure. We put up the tent at a small brook, and enjoy the view. At nine do I fall asleep.