A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day5: 22 July, Alkajaure - Pållaurjåkkå, 21 km

We have had a rainy night, but in the morning is it dry. We cross the brook Kainaijååtj near where it meet Miellätno, where it spread out in several smaller brooks. No problem, but the water is cold, very cold. The feets get numb. After the brook dow continue on a heath to the bridge over Mielätno. The bridge looks worse than ever. Anyway, it is safe to pass. The slope north of the hill Nuortap Rissavare is tiresome. At lunch is Alajaure in front of us. The landscape is barren and stony, and it is emphasized by the weather: cold (5 degrees), windy, and it is now raining. In addition do I stumble, and fall among all the stones. Three sprained fingers, one wounded knee, and a hole on my new rain suit trousers. That will cost some money to repair. Clumsy me.

We are now close the place (said to be Rissajaure south of Alajaure) in Sweden which is furthest away from a road, ca 40 km. A strong wind blows against us. The mountains hide behind the clouds. We can only guess the beauty of the place. We had planned to climb Alatjåkkå (1572 m) north of the lake, but this is useless in this weather. We walk on the slope of Alatjåkkå a few hundred meters from the shore of Alajaure, it is not difficult but tiring in the bad weather. At the west end of the lake do we get a temporary shelter behind a locked hut. One kilometer from the hut is a reindeerfence. There is barely space enough to crawl beneath it. The plateau Liemalako, from where one can see Virihaure at a distance, is comfortable but wet after the rain. The rain finally cease, and it feels better. Finally, at seven, is Råtokjåkkå in front of us. The brook is very swift and deep. We hope that it is less violent downstream. We follow it and after a few kilometers does it broaden to 30 meter, and is less deep than one meter. Here we ford it. From here is it not far from Padjelantaleden. We decide to find it, and put up the tent after the small bridge over Pållaurjåkkå. In the osier is a small open place, enough for our tent. Let's call it a day.