A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day3: 20 July, Kukkesvagge - Kuopervagge,, 18 km

The sky is cloudy, no wind, and it is as warm as yesterday morning. We pass Vuoinesvaratj, where we make a long pause and enjoy the view into the valley towards Pierikjaure in front of us. We visit the camping place we had 1986 at Pierikjåkkå, near the steeply falling Pierikvaratj. We follow the west shore of Pierikjaure, the mountains is reflected in the glassy water surface of the lake. We find the track that leads to the bridge at Skarja. The ravine at Tjågnårisjåkåtj is filled with snow, the water passes under the snow, which simplifies the passage. The snow bridge looks very rigid, and we pass safely. The next brook, Matujåkåtj, is more problematic. A danish couple is sitting there with wet boots and socks. The water was too deep for them. We ford it without problems. Skarja is said to be an overpopulated place in Sarek, one must pass the bridge over Smailajåkkå if one wants to visit this part. A sort of bottleneck. There are rumours that the bridge will not be put in place coming years, since it is too expensive. This will make it difficult to pass here, it's dangerous to ford Smailajåkkå. It carry much water and is very swift.

This year is the bridge existing. The sky clears up. After the bridge do we continue to Kuopervagge. The river Rapajåkkå meander in the valley. There are a few areas which are rather stony and covered with osier, but nothing problematic. After a few kilometers is a place where Kuoperjåkkå fall down the rocks. We make the effort to get there, one must walk through low growing osier, in addition is it somewhat stony. We select a grassy ground at the waterfalls in Kuoperjåkkå as our lodging for the night, right above where the water fiercely fall down to the plain below. Towards east do we have a magnificient view of the valley. With this view in front of us, sitting on the flat rocks at the waterfall, and making the dinner, makes the hiking effort worthwhile.