Fjällen 2009
Prologue: Have had problems with my back over the past six months. After testing hikes with full rucksack, I think my back is good enough for a hike in Sarek.
The trip there: Fly to Luleå Airport, bus to Jokkmokk, with accommodation at the youth hostel. The next day bus to Kvikkjokk mountain station. Repacking for the walking. Crack! My back again broekn.
26/8: Decision: no hike for me. My friend goes off to Padjelanta trail against Ritsem. I have a look at Kvikkjokk. Goes up on the hill Sjnjerak. Overlooking the delta.
27/8: My back is painful. A lazyday. Boat trip in the delta, beautifully. Studying the remains of Luleå silver works. Art exhibition at the Parsonage.
28/8: Celebrating birthday with buying helicopter ticket to Staloluokta, going upstream on a bad path along Kamajåkkå, eat cooked salmon in the mountain station restaurant, good.
29/8: Rainy day. Helicopter to Staloluokta. Lovely flight. At Staloluokta is the good weather, but windy. Familiarize myself with the place, sitting at Virihaure beach and enjoy.
30/8: I learn about odon. Goes up on Unna Titer, with beautiful views of the lake Virihaure. Afternoon, strolling along Stalojåkkå, fine stream. Visit the sauna.
31/8: Order smoked char in the shop. Trying to find the path to Gieddavrre, but end up in dense forest. Starts to rain, giving up. Rain and sun are relentless. My friend arrive. Buy the bread 'glödkaka' in 'Mini livs', are eaten together with the char.
1/9: My friend continues his walk. I stroll around. At dinner, is another friend arrivin, has walked from Ritsem. Follow him a bit on the trail, I depart to a beautiful waterfall. Pain in my back. 18:30 helicopter back to Kvikkjokk. Lovely flight. Rains. The rain is pouring down in the evening.
2/9: Overcast and rain. Abandon my prospective trip to Princekullen. I visit 'Visitors center' and the church.
3/9: 5:40 bus to Jokkmokk. Buy a clock in the caravan of the lady with breeding cat. Go in detail through Ajtte mountain museum, interesting. Walk around Lake Talvatis on footpaths. Stay overnight at the hostel.
4/9: Visit Jokkmokk stone center. Interesting, with all the rocks, learn about landscape stones of a nice woman. Take the afternoon bus to Gällivare, taking into Hotel Dundret. Thai buffet at the Grand Hotel.
5/9: Clears up. Walk, passing the house/castle Fjällnäs, up against Dundret. Get on the path up towards the peaks. Enjoying views towards Gällivare. My back says no more now, return.
6/9: Walk the Culture trail through Gällivare, past the artwork, new and old church, orphanage, sports ground with bleachers and portal, Plupp Forest, local history field. End with a cake on 'Nyfiket'. Encounter in the rain my friend who is coming by bus from Ritsem.
The Voyage Home:. Bus to Luleå. Raisin Exhibition at the Culture House, fun. Fly to Sturup via Arlanda. Home at midnight.