Abisko 2015


Going there - The journey there. Leaving a sunny Skåne by air, via a rainy Arlanda to Kiruna overcast. Bus to Abisko. Install ourselves at the Abisko tourist station. An evening stroll by the river Abiskojåkka.
Abiskojåkka - Looking for Alpine Meadow-rue along the river Abiskojåkka. Abiskojåkka canyon is impressive with steep rock walls and rushing water. Exploring the east side down to the Torne Träsk.
Nuolja - The mountain Nuolja (Njulla) west of Abisko. Summit at 1164 meters. With a view of Torne Träsk and Lapporten. Flowering meadows. Cableway up to 900 meter.
Marmorbrottet - Morning walk to Abisko Östra, with store and Siberian poppy. Afternoon Walk along Abiskojåkka to the Marmorbrottet, a high cliff where in the early 1900s was a limestone quarry.
Njakajaure - nature trail through birch forest, over marshes past Lake Njakajaure. Rich flora, including orchids. Military trenches from World War II.
Bird hill - first a walk along Abiskojåkka, then on rallarvägen to Fågelkullen (Bird hill) with a view över the mouth of Abiskojåkka, which is a bird protection area.
Kårsafallen - hiking through the birch forest to a bridge over Kårsajåkka. There are many small waterfalls and a sparse pine forest.
Going home - been a good week. Bus toKiruna. Uneventfull flights to Sturup. Luggage ends up somewhere else.
Flora - The purpose of the trip was to find alpine meadow-rue, but also other mountain flowers. Here is a list and pictures of the flowers that we found.