A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day1-2: 15-16 August, Björkliden - Sitojaure, 19 km

I arrived to Saltoluokta in the late afternoon with the boat from Kebnats. I come directly from a hike in Björkliden which I made together my girlfriend. My friend arrived earlier and had booked a room in one of huts at the mountain station, where we spend the night. We have also an excellent dinner in the restaurant at the mountain station. Here are not many visitors, it is rather late in the season. We are here to make a tour in Sarek. In the morning do we we start by walking uphill on Kungsleden through the birch forest, up to the open and flat Autsutjvagge. The mountains around it are small hills. The brook Autsutj-jåkkå, has made its way in a valley in the valley. The jåkk is surrounded with osier, but the track avoid the osier.

From the slope down toward Sitojaure do one have a good view. Halfway down to the lake do one enter the birch forest again, and one walk down the gentle slope to the lake Sitojaure. At the shore of the lake are the Sitojaure huts. From here is it possible to get transportation to Kungsleden at the other side of the lake, or if one aim for Pastavagge to Rinim, the northwest end of the lake. Why use the tent when there is a hut? We decide to stay in the hut. We stroll around studying the vegetation until it is time to sleep.

At Saltoluokta