A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day7: 21 August, Pastavagge - Pierik, 17 km

The rain rattle on the canvas all night, it cease in the early morning. The air is cold and clear, it feels fresh. The mountain peaks are powdered with newly fallen snow. A taste of the approaching automn. The sun might give us a visit today. We start on the south side of the valley. Pastavagge is alpine, but presents no problems. On the contrary, it is dry, no fording, no stony areas, and a low vegetation. We switch to the north side, at the watershed before the outlet from the glacier Alep Pastajekna. When we pass the glacier is the sun breaking through the clouds. The mountain stretch, standing up in their beauty.

From the watershed is it slightly downhill, the sun shine more permanent, clouds run across the sky. The rest of the valley is comfortable. First the delta and then the blue-green water in the lake Pierikjaure appear, when approaching the west end of the valley. Sarvatjåkkå fill the view. We turn north, and follow the east side of the lake Pierikjaure. The area on the other side of the brook Pierikjåkkå seems to offer good camping grounds. It is time to start the searching. We pass Pierikvaratj, ford Pierikjåkkå at the outlet from Pierikjaure, where Pierikvaratj fall steeply. The impression we had is true. A better camping place can not be found.