A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day8: 22 August, Pierik - Kukkesvagge, 17 km

A big bang wake us in the middle of the night. The sound bounce between the mountains. Fading away. Erosion has taken one more small piece of rock from Pierikvaratj. Many million years from now, will these mountains no longer exist. Perhaps new ones has been created. Will there be any human beings lying in a tent and listen to a falling piece of rock? When we wake up in the morning do Pierikvaratj look the same. We make our breakfast and at the same time looking towards Vuoinestjåkkå. From this side is it steep, but it is easy to walk up on it the slope from Kukkesvagge. This is our plan for today, unless the weather decide something else. We head for Vuoinesvaratj, the small hill before Kukkesvagge. From Vuoinesvaratj is Lietjit-jaure seen, the mountains on the other side creates curtains in the hazy atmosphere. In Kukkesvagge is it rain curtains. Vuoinestjåkkå has to wait. We enter Kukkesvagge and the rain.

This is the northern border of Sarek, a broad and open valley. The Sarek mountains have gentle slope on the south side, in the north is the steep but less alpine Skanatjåkkå dimly seen. We choose to walk fairly high up on the slope of the Sarek mountains. We can now only guess that the mountains are there, hidden behind clouds as they are. One must cross several brooks from the glaciers, some can be problematic to cross. Today is Lulep Sarekjåkåtj ill-tempered. We find a place where large stones almost form a bridge. Here we easily jump to the opposite side. Wind, rain, and cold. The coffee break at Sarekjauratj cheer up. A day like this do one look down. Slåtterblomman ("hay-making flower") tells us that it is time for hay-making. The yellow gullbräckan replace the sun. Litchens dress the stones. The day is ending, we put up our tent at a small brook. It clear up. Close to use, show the glacier Suottasjekna up. We didn't know we were that close to it. The clouds, mountains, ice, and sun paints a fantastic painting in front of us. A short snowfall makes the painting complete. That's made our day.