A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day9: 23 August, Kukkesvagge - Sjnjuftjutis, 22 km

It has been a cold night, and there is not much water from the glacier that has started its journey back to the sea. The name of our brook from the glacier is Suottasjåkåtj. We walk on the slope down to, and with the view of, Suottasjaure in the north. From a distant position is the south part of the lake puddles. Behind the lake is the mountain Akka, today dressed with clouds. Our brook change size and name after the lake, Suottosjåkkå. It will change name once more to Sjnuftjutisjåkkå when it join Niakjåkåtj from Routesvagge. By then it has increased even more in size. It becomes more and more difficult to ford it. Our goal is the lake Sjuftjutisjauratj, then the north side of Suottasjåkkå is the only reasonable choise. We cross the jåkk while it still seems easy, right after the lake Suottasjaure, where one can walk on stones to the opposite side.

We walk up on the slope Vartotjåkkå where we get a magnificient view of the valley of Suottasjåkkå, Niak and Kisuris as the sidescenes in the south and west. We keep the height towards Sjnuftjutis. At the entrance to the valley at Sjnuftjutisjauratj, is east of the lake a track along the slope of Akka, that leads towards Padjelantaleden. This track is not marked on the map. The brooks that fall into the lake has created canyons, sometimes is it difficult to follow the track in the canyons. But in general are there no problems. The track lead downward, passing several terrace formations. After the last terrace, where the birch forest begin, do we put up the tent. We have dinner outside the tent, enjoying the sunset. We get a feeling that somebody is staring at us, we look behind us. An elk is standing ten meters away, among the trees on the other side of a brook. Staring at us. Shakes the head, as if it is thinking "stupid humans". It turns around and leave us.