A collection of tours made in the Sarek national park and surroundings, 1981-2007
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Day6: 20 August, Sitojaure - Pastavagge, 9 km

Wake up at seven. Outside is it still overcast. The temperature manage to rise to ten degrees during the day. The weather is as usual the first thing one want to know. The plan for the day is to reach Pastavagge. It is not far away, but the experience of the forest yesterday, tells us that it may take some time. The best is to walk as high as possible on the mountain slope, in order to avoid most of the forest. This is not possible all the way, most of the time do one anyway have to find the way between stones and trees. But we do not enter into any fen. The vegetation is preparing for the automn. The green start to change into yellow and red, "la nouvelle mode". We move slowly forward, trying to find the easiest path.

Here and there are openings in the forest, with a beautiful view of Sitojaure. At lunch time do we leave the forest behind us. We pass Rinim, the place to which one can get boat transport from the Sitojaure huts. We had as said some day ago an "agreement" that we might get a transport today. Our effort to get at a boat transport to avoid the forest this morning was abandoned since we never managed to reach the lake. From Rinim do one walk on dry moors, between the small hill Namatis, and the mountain wall of Takar. We soon reach Pastavagge. Takar and Ruopak guard the entrance. They are impressive, but friendly if you behave well. From behind the clouds that surround the peaks, can we hear them whisper: it will rain, it will rain ... . The tent is soon placed at Lulep Pastajåkkå and huge stone, and dinner is served. It rains during the night.